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Corporate Values

Our vision is to become an industry leader in quality designing, engineering, fabricating and installation services in the areas of Tanker and Canopy products through offering competitive price and delivering on time whilst upholding quality and skilled workmanship whose products and services are most hunted here in Ethiopia
Our mission is to strive to provide our clients’ with the highest quality products and services timely and on budget delivery. Our approach to working with clients as partners also extends to our entire employee ensuring timely completion of projects and high quality execution.
  • Safe work environments to be provided through proper execution of the works and use of appropriate equipment and facilities.
  • Employees will be thoroughly instructed and trained in the accident prevention and fire protection requirements of their work assignment.
  • Improving safety of the works will be encouraged and the supervisors will promptly and properly handle safety issues.
  • Hazardous Jobs will be analyzed and Job safety procedures will be worked out among all operators and their supervisors.
  • Continuous safety inspections will be conducted to identify and correct unsafe acts and conditions.
  • Weekly Safety Meetings will be held at site locations. General safety issues will be reviewed, the site safety record for the week before will be analyzed and each week one important safety topic will be discussed in detail. Employee contributions to the discussions will be requested and encouraged in proper manner.